About Tortorici Schwartz LLP
Unrestricted by bureaucracy and fully empowered to make independent decisions, Tortorici Schwartz LLP provides legal services and innovative solutions tailored to meet our clients’ needs.  As a result, our clients receive superior representation streamlined with their business objectives.

In 2012, Charles Tortorici and James Schwartz established Tortorici Schwartz LLP, setting out to create a firm where they could do one thing – help others.  As a result, our attorneys do not just simply practice the law, but are dedicated to the zealous representation of our clients and the improvement of the legal profession as a whole.

At Tortorici Schwartz LLP, we view our role as business lawyers and strategic partners to our clients because we create novel and innovative solutions to their complex issues every day.  Clients depend on us and we leverage our firm’s regional, national, and international platform to help manage these challenges.  We are intimately involved in all client matters and are always available as the first point of contact on any issue to provide clarity and stability.

With collaboration at the center of everything we do, it is not only what we do that is important – it’s how.  This is what makes Tortorici Schwartz LLP the firm we are.  We strive to provide a sense of certainty and comfort to our clients that they are in control of not only the budget and cost, but also the timing, and in many cases the overall outcome.

Our attorneys also have over 50 years of combined actual trial and appeal experience in criminal and civil cases in state and federal courts.  Our deep experience in successful enterprise-transforming transactions and in both prosecuting and defending controversies allows us to protect our clients’ rights both inside and outside the courtroom.

We do not just simply practice the law, but are also dedicated to improving the profession as a whole through teaching the law at colleges and law schools in New York and lecturing to attorneys across the United States.  

Results do not often happen in a vacuum, unconnected and unrelated to other aspects of your business.  Solving issues and knowing when to seize the right opportunity requires a profound understanding your unique situation and circumstances.  With no bureaucracy, our attorneys possess the confidence to move directly to the issue at hand and create cost-sensitive solutions and plans of action tailored to your needs – not just to last for today, but for years in the future.

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