Real Estate

Client and Industry Challenges

The cyclical real estate industry has had more than its fair share of challenges.  In good times or bad, however, this industry is always evolving and developing, especially in the markets where Tortorici Schwartz LLP operates, all of which are known for having robust real estate development.  While the key players, laws, regulations and practices in this industry continue to change, so too has our firm, with a continued focus on significant real estate issues.

Tortorici Schwartz LLP helps clients resolve disputes, achieve their objectives and gain a competitive advantage in the real estate industry.  Our firm, working with our colleagues in complementary practices, is well-positioned to assist with any issues and disputes that arise during any phase of a real estate venture or project.  It is what we do, and we do it efficiently and effectively.

Clients We Serve

Tortorici Schwartz LLP represents commercial developers, commercial property owners, real estate investors, lenders, commercial receivers, property managers, landlords, homeowners, brokers, appraisers, title insurers, escrow agents and other industry-related businesses with a diverse range of needs and interests.

We can handle virtually any type of real estate matter, including disputes relating to:

Why Clients Select Us

Knowledgeable, Innovative, Connected:  Tortorici Schwartz LLP uses its understanding of the real estate industry to offer clients situation-sensitive and forward-thinking solutions.  Our firm relies on our extensive know-how, including experience in real estate, finance, environmental, construction, and financial services litigation to strategically and efficiently advance our clients' interests.  When necessary, we can also call upon the diverse backgrounds and practice areas of both local and national colleagues to find creative and dynamic solutions for even the most complex real estate matters.

Invested in Our Clients:  Our firm strives to develop a thorough institutional knowledge of our clients' business and legal concerns in order to effectively address litigation challenges and keep projects on track.  We offer legal solutions that are tailored to meet every client's individual needs.

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