TLC and DMV Regulatory

Client and Industry Challenges

For-hire vehicles (FHVs), taxis, limousines and other ground transportation-related companies in the New York metropolitan area and beyond have unique business and legal needs—both routine and unanticipated—that often require sound advice and guidance from experienced counsel.

Tortorici Schwartz LLP has been serving ground transportation industry clients for a combined total of over 20 years.  Our legal team consists of knowledgeable attorneys who are experienced in the legal issues facing FHVs, taxis, limousines and vehicle owners and operators, as well as those entities involved with ancillary services, businesses and operations.  Providing a full range of ground transportation-related legal counsel and services, our practice in this highly specialized and “niche” area involves addressing critical issues related to policies and procedures, ownership and operations, compliance regulation and other related matters.  Our attorneys provide practical advice and counsel, utilizing a solutions-oriented approach that has helped us build long-term relationships with our clients.

Services for clients include:

Clients We Serve

We represent a wide range of local, national and multinational ground transportation clients, including small and large corporations, fleets, FHV bases, and individual owners.

Why Clients Select Us

Client-Focused Service.  Our firm develops a thorough understanding of each client’s unique circumstances, applicable standards, potential sanctions and the authorities involved.  We take pride in our deep understanding and the long relationships we have shared with various professional communities.  Our firm also understands the importance of communicating clearly with our clients as well as the regulatory authorities, as prompt and effective communication can make a significant difference in the outcome of a matter.

Dynamic and Comprehensive Approach. Our firm has the required experience to offer our clients services that are sensitive to the complex and often subtle differences between federal, state and local laws.  We regularly call on the diverse talents and experience of both local and national legal colleagues to effectively and efficiently handle complex matters involving business and finance, infrastructure development, real estate, construction, environmental, government relations, and land use and development.

In-Depth Understanding of the Issues.  Our attorneys have prior experience working for regulatory agencies, including serving as investigators or prosecutors, as well as participating in administrative hearing processes.  Therefore, our firm has a collective in-depth understanding of how these authorities and other agencies operate and how they reach their decisions. 

Involved and Invested.  We are involved in a variety of industry organizations. Participation in these organizations has helped us stay on top of the ever-changing legal landscape in the ground transportation industry.

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