Criminal Defense

Client and Industry Challenges

As one would expect in criminal matters, our clients often come to us anxious and confused about the unknown, in the face of charges, investigations and intrusions into their personal and professional lives. Tortorici Schwartz LLP helps level the playing field by providing understanding and knowledge. We know that those accused of criminality want to be informed in detail as to what all the potential outcomes can be for them. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to defending those accused while preserving their dignity and rights throughout the process. We take pride in protecting people and using the appropriate means to resolve criminal matters as quickly and efficiently as possible, ever mindful that our clients’ confidentiality and reputation are paramount.

Areas of Service

Clients We Serve

Tortorici Schwartz LLP defends those accused of felonies and misdemeanors. Our services extend to every aspect of traditional criminal law, including and beyond the areas listed above.

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